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Grinder and our life are closel
With the rapid development of the machinery industry, many industries in our country are constantly developing. How can we improve these technologies better? First of all, we should understand these technologies in order to better understan
Air flow grinder principle of w
The principle applied to the operation of the air-jet mill is mainly as follows: After the Laval nozzle is sprayed into the damaged chamber at a high speed, the air-flow damage machine and the cyclone separator, dust collector and induced d
Jet mill crush the form of intr
As we all know, smashing is a very important part in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Therefore, it is very important that the position of airflow grinder equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is very important. In recent years,
Laboratory air jet mill advanta
What is the characteristics of the experimental laboratory air jet mill: 1, low energy consumption, breaking the general air-jet mill on the energy requirements, installed power is only 10kw; 2, the output is small, 0.5-3kg per hour can be
How to solve the superfine mill
Atomic grinder in use sometimes bearing overheating phenomenon, then you know what is the cause, how should we deal with it? Xiaobian today is to help you answer this question: (1) The two housings are rugged, or the rotor of the motor is n
jingxin powder

Shandong Xin Yan Powder Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Anqiu City Xin Powder Processing Equipment Co., Ltd.) was established in July 1, 2011, the registered capital of 20 million. Is specialized in R & D, production and sales of powder equipment joint-stock enterprises, the company relies on a high level of research and development team, cooperation with Germany Meiken map is the transformation of Mai Kept technical achievements base, the company has superfine shredders, air flow grading machine With a number of patents, with industrial site experimental base, the numerical simulation of dedicated design software, advanced test equipment and other hardware to McKenzie technology as the center, with the actual needs of domestic powder customers, 。
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Chinese medicine mill use preca
[2018-02-25] Chinese medicine mill use preca...

The traditional Chinese medicine mill consists of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and el...

Medical jet mill widely used, t
[2018-02-25] Medical jet mill widely used, t...

Medical jet mill widely used, the industry obvious advantages Medical jet mill product profile By the...

Chinese medicine mill run step
[2018-02-25] Chinese medicine mill run step ...

Chinese medicine ultrafine grinder is not only used to crush traditional Chinese medicine, but also used to crush whole grains, the food ground into flour, that is convenient and clean. So how to carry out the operation of Chinese medicine...

Chinese medicine mill can deepe
[2018-02-25] Chinese medicine mill can deepe...

Chinese medicine ultrafine shredder mainly by means of mechanical force, the bulk of solid medicine into a suitable degree of solid particles process. It is reported that large solid drugs (or herbs of the roots, stems, leaves and fruits, e...

Air flow classifier how to exte
[2018-02-25] Air flow classifier how to exte...

Airflow classifier maintenance work needs some time after maintenance, in order to extend its service life, to create more revenue for manufacturers. Mainly through the following four aspects to maintenance can be: (1) Airflow classifier cl...

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